Daemon Manx-Publisher


As an author Daemon knows through firsthand knowledge how difficult the indie market can be. A swift learning experience led him to seek other means to publish his own works, which in turn inspired him to take what he learned and help other authors by paying it forward.


He has worked as both a journalist and copy editor for the Rutgers Observer, as well as an English tutor for Rutgers University. "I am looking to build a community of like-minded authors at Last Waltz. Each voice is unique, and every story is singular. By bringing together these individual voices, we create a chorus, and that is music to my ears."

Last Waltz Publishing

Romolo Chiossi- Publisher.


Often referred to as the man behind the scenes, Romolo prefers to handle the administrative side of the business and likes to leave the art to the artists. He has worked in the entertainment industry and has also owned several small businesses of his own.


After reconnecting with his childhood friend, Daemon Manx, the cornerstone of Last Waltz Publishing was laid. "Last Waltz Publishing is Daemon's dream, and I believe in him. He cares about indie authors and wants to watch out for them. I respect that."