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Nightmare on Indigo Street is a Young Adult Zombie story for the entire family. The zombie outbreak has never been told quite like this before, and this unique story is one you will want to revisit again and again. Grab this book, pack a lunch, and head to the tree house to ride out the apocalypse, because the zombies are everywhere. And Indigo Street may never be the same!

It's summertime, and the kids who live on Indigo Street head out to hang out at their secret tree house like they do every day. But their plans for today are about to change. A zombie outbreak has begun, and now they are trapped in their tree house.
While their parents fight to come together and rescue them, the kids have to employ all their ingenuity and determination to survive.
But how long will it take?
What will they do once their parents do get there?
And just how widespread is this thing?

Nightmare on Indigo Street

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