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The Ojanox I: Scream in the Dark

Pre order the paperback and recieve your copy June 16, one month before the book is released. 


The year is 1979. Welcome to Garrett Grove, an unassuming community nestled within the foothills of the Watchung Mountains. The town prepares to welcome Halloween in all the expected ways, but something is happening to the children of Garrett Grove. A mysterious outbreak threatens the community, leaving a handful of doctors and the town's sheriff desperate to find the source of the contagion before it is too late. All the while, hidden just out of view, patient and hungry ... an ancient evil lurks.

Scream in the Dark is the first installment in The Ojanox series. A fast-paced, old school creature feature meets cosmic horror story, with an underlying coming of age element, full of in-depth character development, suspense, and terror.


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Scream in the Dark -Paperback Pre-order

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