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The Ojanox Series coming this summer
from Daemon Manx

The Ojanox 1.jpg
July 17
The Ojanox 2.jpg
The Ojanox 3.jpg
Aug. 6
Sept. 3
The Ojanox 4.jpg
Oct. 1

The year is 1979. A small New York town prepares to welcome the fall season in all the expected ways: young children bicker and boast over Halloween costumes, secret lovers meet in clandestine corners, and a tortured soul plots wicked deeds. All the while, hidden just out of view, patient and hungry… an ancient evil lurks.

Welcome to Garrett Grove, an unassuming community nestled within the foothills of the Watchung Mountains. The very definition of “Everytown, USA”, it is a largely self-contained municipality, most of the residents on a first-name basis. An almost postcard-perfect location.

For ten-year-old Troy Fischer, eagerly awaiting the thrills of Halloween, autumn is his favorite time of year. This spooky season looks to be the best one yet - he has caught the eye of the new girl at school, and the haunted attraction he built in his garage, called Scream in the Dark, is guaranteed to have all of his classmates talking.

But something is happening to the children of Garrett Grove. A mysterious outbreak threatens the community, leaving a handful of doctors and the town’s sheriff desperate to find the source of the contagion before it is too late.

Jack of all Trades

Jack Wells
Nightmare on
Indigo Street
Veronica Smith
The Japanese 
Jennifer Anne Gordon
The First Time
I Saw Her
Jae Mazer
indigo front.jpg
jae front.jpg

A collection of dark fiction with a more literary bent, a celebration of the eerie and eloquent tales of yesteryear. A wedding of words. From Victorian England to the Wild West frontier; from familial strife to a nationwide threat; from the innocence of youth to the cynicism of experience-the seven stories contained herein span concepts, continents, and centuries.

Nightmare on Indigo Street is a Young Adult Zombie story for the entire family. The zombie outbreak has never been told quite like this before, and this unique story is one you will want to revisit again and again. Grab this book, pack a lunch, and head to the tree house to ride out the apocalypse, because the zombies are everywhere. And Indigo Street may never be the same!

The Japanese Box is a story that blends memoir, creative nonfiction, and the horror of a coming-of-agestory, and a coming of middle-aged story.Imagine growing up with a reflection that is often absent, and a Japanese box that is filled with things thatshould never have been there.Memories.Violence.

Anna and her mother are on the run after a tragedy shatters their world. A stranger has offered them protection in a private community hidden deep in the woods, and Anna and her mother have no choice but to abandon their life and belongings to take refuge until they can figure out their next move.

THE FIRST TIME I SAW HER is the first installment in the Gossamer and Pitch Trilogy, a series about love and hate, witches and demons, and the sheer veil between life and death.

Titles from Daemon Manx

The stories in this book are based on real-life experiences. A collection of nightmares and dark memories, sculpted by the darkest periods of my life. Addiction, depression, incarceration are the faces of my demons, of my struggle. This is Manxiety.


Four horror authors with four vulnerable egos, square off against one another, in the virtual world, to find out who is the scariest. Welcome to Arcranium™, a powerful technology that fuses with the author's mind to stimulate their best possible creation, immersing other participants in the narrative. It's all in good fun, but with so much pride at stake, things are bound to get a little bumpy once the gloves come off. So, strap your headset on and don't forget the safe word. The future of literature is about to get an upgrade. The future is … Arcranium™

Piece by Piece
Piece Cover.jpg

Sometimes, all it takes is perspective to appreciate the simple things, or a little extra concern for the frailty of the present moment to fully understand what makes life worth living. And sometimes, all it takes is a little shove in the right direction.

When Bobby Canfield was ten years old, he received a message he would never forget. After all, it's not every day you find out when you are going to die.

Abby Cover.jpeg

A wash of emotion overcomes Adrian, and he is compelled to take care of her. His life is turned upside down and he can't help but notice that it all centers around Abigail, who appears to have a mysterious effect on anyone who comes in contact with her. How can Adrian care for such a strange creature, where could the child have come from, and what exactly is she?

But for every answer, there are even more questions about the child with violet eyes, reptilian skin, and horns. The unimaginable ending will offer the reader a glimpse into their own demons and the evil that resides within us all.

The Monochrome Noir Series
by Jack Wells

A Gathering Storm
Book 1

When California’s most influential woman seeks out his services, weaving a tale of serial murder with bizarre implications, she embroils P.I. Henry Hardcastle in the strangest case of his career. Meanwhile, Charlie Grant, a young woman coping with a recent tragedy, finds herself drawn to a dark and mysterious omen. Though they are strangers, both find themselves following clues that could lead them directly into the path of a deranged killer.

A Rising Tide
Book 2
image0 (4).jpg

After examining a violent crime scene beyond anything he has yet experienced, P.I. Henry Hardcastle hunts down additional clues in the most unlikely of places, drawn to the uncanny ability of a strange ally. Med tech Charlie Grant has her own encounter with the bizarre when an unexpected opportunity finds her at work, setting her on a collision course with Henry. And all the while, the mysterious killer lurks in the shadows, undergoing a change that defies explanation.

A Fatal Flood
Book 3

As the stakes grow ever higher, P.I. Henry Hardcastle is in a race against time to solve the Colorist’s case, even as fresh developments threaten to derail his investigation. Charlie Grant uses her unique ability to revisit the previous crime scenes, uncovering new clues, while also putting herself in grave danger. The mysterious killer finds his next victim, the last one standing between him and his vendetta of vengeance.

A Drowning man
Book 4

After nearly losing Charlie to a delving gone wrong, P.I. Henry Hardcastle has become a desperate man, willing to solve the case by any means necessary. Despite her injuries, Charlie finds herself taking additional risks to help end the murders once and for all. And violence erupts in Angel City as the killer emerges from the shadows, ready to complete his grim task. The fates of all three will be decided in one bloody confrontation.

Welcome to Monochrome Noir, a detective story set in an alternate version of 1986 Los Angeles. It is a grayscale world, where items of color are the rarest of commodities, owned by few and coveted by many.

Also from Last Waltz Publishing

Drawn & Quartered
Diana Olney
Daemon Manx
These Lingering
An Anthology
D&Q 6x9 ACTUAL SIZE (1).jpg

Welcome to Drawn & Quartered ...a waking nightmare where nothing is as it seems, and truth is devoured by the shadow of fiction. This accursed realm is ruled by fear, and home to infinite forms of terror. Behind its sinister gates dwell femme fatales, deadly bouquets, scorned lovers, and of course - monsters. Join them in the darkness, if you dare, but be warned, they may invite you to stay...forever.

An anthology of gothic tales and horrors for the season, filled with, tragedy, heartbreak, wonderment, and terror. Journey into these thought-provoking worlds and behold the majesty of traditional gothic elements delivered with a modern style. Inspired by a true love for the Macabre and the unnerving atmosphere of the Gothic genre, author Daemon Manx has gathered together some of the greatest literary voices of our time.

Tales from the
An Anthology
Down by the 
Matt Scott
Monoverse Ebook copy.jpg
RIVERWALK cover FINAL_edited_edited.jpg

From the green of vegetation to the blue of the ocean, and from crimson blood to orange flames, the world that surrounds us is full of countless tints and shades, immeasurable in their variety. And yet… what if that wasn’t true? What if life was like the films of yesteryear, grayscale palettes devoid of hue entirely? How would we react to even a sliver of actual color invading our reality—would it bring out the best, or worst, of our humanity?

DOWN by the RIVERWALK is the third collection by Matt Scott and features fourteen tales to entertain and delight. The stories collected within are of Loss, Hopelessness, Fear, Shame, Violence, Greed, Malice...

...We are the monsters with whom we wish to bargain.

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