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Book 1 in the exciting new series from Jack Wells. 


A down-on-his-luck private investigator who loves whiskey as much as he loves solving cases. An outcast medical technician with a heavy heart and an unnatural ability. A brutal killer with a mysterious agenda.

Welcome to Monochrome Noir, a detective story set in an alternate version of 1986 Los Angeles. It is a grayscale world, where items of color are the rarest of commodities, owned by few, and coveted by many.


When California’s most influential woman seeks out his services, weaving a tale of serial murder with bizarre implications, she embroils P.I. Henry Hardcastle in the strangest case of his career. Meanwhile, Charlie Grant, a young woman coping with a recent tragedy, finds herself drawn to a dark and mysterious omen. Though they are strangers, both find themselves following clues that could lead them directly into the path of a deranged killer.

Monochrome Noir Part I

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